Mit großem Bedauern müssen wir Ihnen mitteilen, dass der Hersteller die Fertigung aller Dickschickt-Thermodruckköpfe einstellen wird.

Letzte Bestellmöglichkeiten bestehen bis zum 26.02.2021

Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns telefonisch für weitere Informationen


Unfortunately, we are very sorry to inform you that the manufacturer is discontinuing the dproduction of all thickfilm thermal print heads.

The last order options are available until 02/26/2021

Please contact us by telephone for any further questions

Thank you

NEW screen print technology of Mitani allows to place the heating element  on "the rounded corner                                             of the ceramic substrates". This, among others, improves the thermal responsiveness and enables higher printing speed, more accuracy and higher print quality.

The heating elements are placed on the rounded corner of the ceramic substrate.

This NEW technology is ideal for high definition thermal transfer printing under high speed and with less energy consumption

For further information about the new MO-CS series please click here.

 Model  Dot Resolution  Print Width  Number of Dots  Applied Voltage  Average Resistance Value  Print Devision Numbers (Stobes)  Print Speed (mm/sec)  Thermal  Dot History Control
MO-CS2-8-1A 200 dpi 56.0 mm 448 24 V 600 Ω 2 300  -
MO-CS1-12-1A 300 dpi 32.0 mm 384 24 V 850 Ω 1 400 ο
MO-CS2-12-1A 300 dpi 55.8 mm 672 24 V 850 Ω 3 300  -
MO-CS2-12-2A 300 dpi 53.31 mm 640 24 V 850 Ω 1 400 ο
MO-CS2-12-2B 300 dpi 53,31 mm 640 24 V 1260 Ω 1 400 ο









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