Since 1983 MECOMP ELECTRONIC GmbH acts as a worldwide distributor for high quality thickfilm thermal printer heads made by MITANI MICRONICS CO. LTD. in Japan. Our main customers are makers of printers and systems for parking-management, public transport, other ticket systems, the print on plasticcards and other rigid and inflexible media, as well as labels or tags for the packaging industry.
We are characterized by high flexibility, in-depth knowledge about the various uses of thermal printheads, as well as expert advice.

MITANI MICRONICS CO. LTD. for more than 20 years, manufactures a wide range of different thermal printer heads in thick film technology. These include various print widths and resolutions for use in extremely difficult environmental conditions (eg parking systems, ticketing systems, plastic cards printing and other non-bendable print media). The thick-film technology has very clear advantages in print quality and longevity for these applications over the thinfilm technology.
In addition to a wide range of standard widths and print resolutions MITANI offers to develop custom designs in close cooperation with the customer directly to the needs of the application. These can be realized in an acceptable financial framework even in small quantities.

It is, depending on the application, distinguished into three basic categories:

"Side Face" printheads
Here, the pressure line is centered on the flat edge of the ceramic substrate, which allows direct
vertical and thus space-saving positioning of the print head. This technology is used, both in the field
of direct thermal printing, as well as in thermal transfer printing on difficult or not bendable materials
such as uses thick paper tickets, plastic cards and other non-flexible media

"Bevel" printheads
Here, the printing line is located on a chamfered edge of the substrate, allowing an oblique positioning
of the print head. Use finds this construction usually in the range of tickets for public transport or in
the large segment of the parking space management.

"Corner Surface" printheads
In this geometry the printing line is mounted in an angle on the rounded edge of the substrate. This angle can be defined according to the customers requirements. Due to the small environment that must be heated from the stands of the printing line and re-cooled again, this technology is designed for printing at high print speeds. This design can also generate machine-readable bar codes of the latest generation, that are far superior in clarity and sharpness compared to other head geometries.

In all three head geometries a function for integrated Dot History Control is offered in many cases.
The internal control of ON / OFF cycles of the individual heating points (dots) allows very high printing speeds at an unreached level of sharpness and clarity.


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